We value our clients' experience at Poolesville Veterinary Clinic. If your pet or animal is currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Peter Eeg

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  • One can tell that everyone who works at Poolesville Veterinary Clinic is part of a team and each member does their job with pride and integrity. They treat you with respect and courtesy and are happy to listen to concerns and offer multiple options.

    - Mark W.
  • We love the staff at Poolesville Vet Clinic. My parents used them when I was younger and I've brought my animals to them as an adult, even now that I live 30 minutes away. The staff is so caring and knowledgeable.

    - Suzie T.
  • Outstanding in every way from the front desk, to the technicians to the veterinarians. The staff is knowledgeable and responsive.

    - Patricia H.
  • Kind to our pets. Competent. Available when it’s urgent. Great service from receptionist, technicians, and doctors.

    - Susan R.
  • All the staff were calm, courteous, and helpful. No undue stress on people and pets nor long waits. Doctors were knowledgeable and gave clear direct answers. Best vet office ever!!!

    - Jacqueline S.
  • Dr Breed was our vet for many years and many dogs so we were very hesitant when she left but Dr Young has been wonderful! We had very old dog that had to be euthanized and she was just lovely and caring.

    - Carrie C.
  • Poolesville Veterinary Clinic is the best! I highly recommend Dr. Peter Eeg and his staff to anyone in the DC/MD/VA area.

    - Alan M.
  • You’ve been our family’s vet for 18+ years. The vets are wonderful, techs and staff are wonderful and you treat us and our animals like family. I always have peace of mind when my animal is in your care. Thank you for all you do

    - Margaret J.
  • Dr. Van Doorn is knowledgeable and caring and keeps us informed in a timely manner. She texted us cytology results at 9 pm on Saturday even though she was on vacation.

    - Kim S.
  • Dr Eeg went above and beyond this Christmas weekend when our boy Lex started having problems urinating. He could have referred us to an emergency clinic but instead gave us his private number and met us at the office on Christmas Eve when Lex didn’t improve overnight.

    - Shawn L.
  • My husband and I have great respect and gratitude to Dr. Eeg and the staff. They have seen us through many dogs. They are always so happy to see us with new dogs and have helped us through the passing of at least ten members of our family.

    - Betty C.
  • I enjoyed listening to Dr. Eeg on the radio when I lived in Silver Spring. We moved to Poolesville 14 years ago, and he became my vet for our miniature dachshund and rat terrier. The dachshund has polycythemia vera causing seizures, and needed blood monitored and medication since he was a year old. Dr. Eig and his associates have managed this condition to an age much older than we ever expected. We are presently dealing with kidney issues in both dogs, and PVC has been very helpful in getting them through some difficult times. The whole staff are wonderful, and show genuine caring towards the dogs.

    Show More - Steven M.
  • I have never been so impressed with a vet as I am with the team Dr Eig has put together. The technical excellence surpasses any I have seen, but what puts them over the top is the handling of the animals (and their humans!) in such a way that they are calm. Many dogs, my own included, are excited and happy to visit here, which is a stark contrast to the dragging a 60lb dog that has the brakes locked as I expected from going to the vet.

    Show More - Michael S.
  • I want to thank Dr. Eeg for staying late at work today to take care of my cat, who was crying and could not step on her hind leg. Thank you, Dr. Eeg, you have always taken such good care of your patients! And I feel safe trusting you with my pets. 🐈 All the doctors at Poolesville clinic are absolutely wonderful! I highly recommend Poolesville Veterinary Clinic!

    Show More - Yevgeniya J.
  • Dr Eeg is amazing! Henry had elongated palate and stenotic nares repaired via laser by Dr Eeg, it improved his breathing tremendously. Very happy with service, after care, and support. Staff was very professional. Price very fair! Highly recommend Dr Eeg and clinic! Thank you Dr Eeg, Henry is doing great!

    Show More - Karin G.
  • Dr. Eeg is awesome! He has always been truthful and honest with us every time we have been there. His staff is also very caring and want to help you. When we put our dog down the staff vent over backwards in helping us and giving my children the time alone we needed with our pet. I would recommend them to everyone.

    Show More - Mike P.
  • I have lived in Florida going on 15years, my fur babies have a great vet,but, when it comes right down to it PETER EEG is my vet guru. I would trust him with my life. My fur babies are my children and you want only the best caring for them . I always know he is there for advice. Trust the man he will always take God's creatures to their fullest potential with the least amount of pain.

    Show More - Vikki D.
  • They take a great deal of care to protect everyone from COVID19, and continue to provide their normal excellent level of care for our pets.

    - Doug B.
  • They were so kind when it was time to make the really hard decision to say goodbye to our beloved girl. Our family is very grateful for their compassion, care and step by step explanations.

    - Natasha S.

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